Directions to Fauntleroy Church

The address of Fauntleroy Church is 9140 California Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98136-2553. Our telephone number is (206) 932-5600.

The church is located at the base of S.W. Barton Street, just up the hill a bit from the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal, right across from the Fauntleroy Community Center (once Fauntleroy Elementary School).

If you're in West Seattle, follow 35th S.W. to the intersection of S.W. Barton Street. Turn right (west) on Barton (toward Puget Sound) down the hill until it makes a big bend to the left. Look for our parking lot and the church to your left.

The Fauntleroy Ferry Dock is also a good reference point for our church. If you travel south on Fauntleroy Way and you pass the ferry dock to your right, just continue on the main arterial through the four-way stop at the little shopping district, up the hill to another stop, and then bear left. You'll see the church almost immediately on your right, just before the Fauntleroy Community Center to the left.

Our location is marked with a green arrow in the map below. View larger map here.


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