How to Get Involved

Fauntleroy Church is a community of persons. We worship, talk, decide and work together to serve God and neighbor in our time and place. Along the way, we meet strangers and become friends. In order to be the church we desire, we have lots of ways to get involved. Once you're involved, consider membership in and giving to the church.

Social Groups

Sojourners | Crock Pots | Mid-Day Fellowship | Sisters

Creating a sense of community is important to us. Members and friends create small groups to help bring people together to get to know one another and develop a sense of belonging.

Ministry Groups

Outreach | Facilities | Finance | Parish Life | Worship | Education

The work of the church is not done only by the staff, but through Ministry groups who take responsibility for the various parts of the church's life.

Action Groups

Green Committee | Social Justice Committee | Oaxaca Mission | White Center Food Bank

Members and friends of Fauntleroy organize themselves into groups with special missions, often to accomplish something good in the world.

The Music Program and Other Ways to Help with Worship

Chancel Choir | Bell Choir | Worship Teams

While our minister usually preaches and leads our prayers, many contribute to the worship life.

Youth and Children's Activities

Youth Group | Kids' Club

We offer several ways for children and youth to be involved in learning and social activities

The Person to Call

This is only a sampling of how to get connected. For more information, contact our Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator, Sarah Ackers.

Updated: 03/7/2016: J. VanGilder