This Week...

Monday, August 18

No Congregator this week.
9:00 LPS teachers meeting - 4th floor conf. room
9:30 Altar Guild

Tuesday, August 19

2:00 Mark Brown memorial service - Sanctuary

Wednesday, August 20

9:30 Staff meeting - Fish Bowl

Thursday, August 21

11:30 Mid-day Fellowship - patio or Fellowship Hall, depending on the weather

Sunday, August 22

9:00 Adult Bible Study - Lounge
10:00 Worship - Eric Dale preaching
  Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20; Exodus 1:8-2:10
  Sermon: "Don't Tell Anyone"
11:15 Eco-friendly coffee sold

Each Sunday...

You are invited to bring an item of food to help the White Center Food Bank and to prepare for worship by remembering those who live with much less.

Looking Ahead...

Sunday, September 7

Regular program begins with regular Sunday School classes and choir.
Blessing of the backpacks - for students returning to classes
All Church Picnic after worship. Sign up sheets available after worship. Contact: Jenny Mandt

Saturday, September 13

9:00-3:00 Second Time Sale - Fellowship Hall and Narthex

Sunday, September 14

11:00-1:00 Second Time Sale - Fellowship Hall and Narthex

Monday, September 15 - Lounge

7:00 "Personal Safety Nets" presentation by Judy Pigott, sponsored by Family Matters

Sunday, September 21

Recycle Roundup before and after worship
Items accepted or not

Sunday, October 5 - Crop Walk