2009 Annual Meeting Summary


It all began with a trio of horns belting out the call to worship and it ended with the Congregation voting to move forward with a 2.6 million dollar building remodeling project! Wow!

Worship was led by our chancel choir directed by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer. It’s called Music Sunday, but there has never been a Sunday like this before. The music moved from classical to rock, from Christmas to Easter and it lifted the roof! The highlights were two of the final numbers. One was called "Corroboree," written by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer and the soloist of the morning Tam . It was followed by a Johnny Lang song, called "I believe." Sarah Ackers did the soloist lead. Literally, the sanctuary shook.

The Congregation moved to a more subdued mood to elect officers, Council members and Ministry chairs. Joel Groen as Moderator led the slate that was unanimously elected. The Congregation also unanimously voted for a balanced spending plan of $454,000 for the coming year, which is a 1.5 increase over the previous year’s. Pledges are forecast to be lower than the previous year by about 8%. Part of the difference will be made up by renting the church-owned parsonage and also with an increase in fundraising.

The most controversial and intense part of the meeting concerned the decision to pursue a remodeling project that has grown to 2.6 million dollars. A good deal of the increase involves the replacement of significant building infrastructure elements--the heating system, the water heating system and repairs to the foundation of the building, as well as the unexpected need to add a sprinkling system to meet city code for fire prevention.

Three options were presented by the Building Committee--for the whole project, for about 1/4 of the project, and one for about 1/2 the total cost.

On the first vote, the Congregation voted to proceed with the entire project.