Fauntleroy Church Remodeling Project

August Updates

Inspectors from the city are giving their final approvals for the new addition and remodeling work.

The new playground space by the cyclone fence is being prepared, the Memorial Garden rock wall is being repaired, the tile in the narthex and patio have been set in place and are being grouted. The lighting on the 4th floor has been installed and the finishing touches to the offices are being completed.

The new phone system, purchased in conjuction with the Fauntleroy YMCA, will be installed around the 31st.

If all inspections are passed we will conduct our own inspection and prepare a punch list for any finish-up work.

The dedication and grand opening celebration will be on September 26.

The pace of the work continues at a high speed. The contractors are still pushing for completion by August 31.

Sheet rock is installed and painting completed on the 3rd and 4th floors. The hallway carpet has been installed in the 4th floor hallway near the old Green Rug Room.

Tiles have been installed on the patio outside the narthex and the same tiles are being installed in the narthex. The narthex sheetrock has been installed and painted. The landscaping beyond the narthex patio has been installed and will soon be looking fantastic.

The new stairway to the church and Y offices has been completed and the lobby is close to completion. The office areas have all been carpeted. The elevator is installed, only waiting for an emergency phone to be installed.

The bathrooms on the various floors are tiled and painted. The heating ducts for the Little Pilgrim School are in place. The Chapel/Garden Room is quite open now. The landscaping outside is almost complete. The glass doors are still to be installed and the patio will be surfaced, but it's looking great.

The sewer line problem has been fixed and the gas line has been repaired and brought up to code. The new drainage system is in place and the soil has been replaced.

The new parking lot level entrance to the elevator was paved today. The new phone system has been ordered and new lines for the elevator and alarm system have been scheduled for installation.

Things are really moving along and it won't be long before everything is done. The staff would like to move into their new offices between September 1 and 3, depending on the results of the final inspection, scheduled for August 30. The various building inspectors will be doing final inspections during the week of August 23, so say a prayer for us that week.


The new carpet has been installed in the sanctuary and has survived two Sunday services and a wedding. The new altar was created by Don Althauser and Michael Macom and is a beatiful work of craftsmanship.

A craftsman is in the process of designing and building a new pulpit and a new lectern to replace the music stands we're using now. They will be both sturdy and portable.


The concrete work on the patio is complete. The tile, which will extend from the narthex onto the patio, has arrived and will be installed soon. An outdoor electrical outlet was added to the patio. The outdoor lights off the sanctuary windows will be installed later in the project. The window wall has been completed in the narthex. Landscaping will be installed beyond the patio to enhance the view from the narthex and blend with our natural setting.

Chapel and Garden Room

The chapel and garden room is located under the sanctuary. The window wall has been installed and a new pathway has been excavated. A small patio will be built outside the chapel. A stairway from the patio to the memorial garden has been roughed out.


The elevator is complete! The only thing left to do is install the emergency phone.


The stairway between the lobby and the church offices and Y counter has been roughed in and by now may be complete except for installing the carpet. The rounded stairway is now complete. The name tiles have been preserved, although some may have been damaged and will be replaced and others may need to be relocated.

Upper Floors

The work on the 4th floor has been completed. The 3rd floor is well on its way to completion.


A new drainage system is in place, repairing problems we've had with drainage and leaks for many years. Work on repairing the sewer line is ongoing and should be completed soon. The entrance from the parking lot to the elevator is also progressing. The walkway has been widened, a rock wall installed and the new doorway has been cut.

July Update

We're making progress!

The sanctuary carpet is being installed as this is being written. The preparation work was done by our own folks, led by Duey Auringer. The carpet was procured from and installed by Interiors by Jamie and the work will be completed before next Sunday's worship service (July 11).

Don Althauser and Michael Macom are working on the new altar. Plans are also in the works for a new pulpit and lectern. We hope to have at least an interim solution by the end of the summer. The chancel/sanctuary task force, chaired by Sarah Ackers, is coordinating all of the renovations to our main worship space.

The elevator is being installed! The long awaited elevator, which will give people a lift from every floor and to every floor, is being put in place, part by part. The completion date will be sometime in August.

The exterior glass walls for the narthex and expanded office areas will be installed this week and next.

The new rock wall outside of the old music room, now the new small chapel/garden room, has been put in place. The drainage system has been connected and flows into the catchbasin in the parking lots. The glass wall and doorways to the small chapel/garden room will be installed this coming week. A closet for the storage of LPS materials will be part of the room as well.

The pathway from the parking lot to the elevator entrance through what is now Little Pilgrim School needed to be widened for safety sake. A new stone wall will be installed. The pathway will be made of pervious concrete.

A new drainage pipe will also be installed in that area. That new piping, plus the water line for the fire sprinkler system, will require digging up part of the sidewalk to the sancturary for a couple of weeks. The contractors will insure that we will be able to get up to the sanctuary entrance and the entrance to Fellowship Hall.

On weekends there will be a steel plate over the walkway. During the week, you may have to use the stairway west of the main sidewalk.

Our friend and arborist, Mark Harmon, has consulted with the contractors to insure the safety of the cedar tree.

The current target date completion of the project is set for August 31st, but it is a moving target.

June Updates

The new three phase power unit has been installed — it's located west of the kitchen — it’s big, you can’t miss it. It has not been hooked up as of today. It was necessary to be able to operate our new elevator.

Speaking of the elevator, the shaft is nearing completion. Installation begins next week.

We have a serious sanitary drainage problem. It's been with for us for a while but it threatens to become dangerous, if not corrected. In addition, a new pipe will need to be connected with the city water for the sprinkler system which will be installed in the sanctuary from June 23 through the 30th.(Not on Saturday or Sunday). Both projects require significant digging in front the church entrance. And it is more efficient to do them in concert with one another. The sanctuary will be off limits during the week, but not on Sundays. There will be a steel plate over the walkway allowing us to walk up to the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

When digging for the entrance for the elevator through Little Pilgrim School, we ran into a disintegrating drainage system. It will need to replaced before further work can be done. Though unforeseen, in the long run the repair will allow for better drainage.

There will be a new cyclone fence temporarily installed in the courtyard between the sanctuary and the YMCA wing. This will provide some security while the new addition is framed up and the exterior installed.

The pace of the remodeling work has stepped up. The current outer wall to the courtyard has been taken down, and the new outer wall has been framed. The elevator’s pathway through each floor has been cut. Elevator parts have begun to be installed. The window to the new YMCA reception has been cut. The sprinkler system is being installed on the fourth floor and administrative level. It will be installed in the sanctuary during the week of the 21st of June.

The footings for the new stair from the church/Y lobby to the fourth floor have been poured. Please note that the temporary wall which shields the lounge/fellowship hall from the work site is much bigger than the actual stairway. That is, the stair will take up a corner of the lounge, but not as much as is blocked off now.

May Update

The eco-wall is in place in the courtyard. This will hold our soil in place so the entrance of the big machines to make the footings for the addition has begun.

The elevator hole (some 15 feet beneath the concrete floor of the oldest part of the building) will be completed by the time you read this.

About 80 feet of think electrical cable was cut and stolen on the night before David Galbraith memorial service. It was attached to a generator which ran the new boiler. Jimmy Dale, the construction foreman and Kenny the electrician from Sequoyah got it working in time for us to be toasty at the service.

Drainage continues to be an important and knotty issue. Outside the building it is the drainage of the run off that needs to be connected and ushered around the building. (There is not water in the elevator hole. Hallelujah!) And the interior sewage drainage has been the subject of conversation of the architect, contractor and our own Jay Reeves. We trust it will flow naturally to some good end.

April Update

Let the waters roll. When the Howard S. Wright restructured the courtyard to allow for its equipment to get to work on the foundation of our new addition, the rains came and beat upon the hillside and the soil came tumblin' down. Work was interrupted until a new "eco-block" wall could be set up to restrain erosion and fallout. The wall has been constructed and work is back on track.

The boiler is now operative. Some parts of the building are currently powered by a diesel generator until City Light can hook our new 3-phase power. In part of the educational wing, space heaters are still necessary for a little while until some of the kinks of the new system can get worked out.

The new target date for completion is mid-August.

March Update

Our mortgage loan was approved by the Cornerstone Fund, a United Church of Christ affiliated lending agency. We will be able to draw on the loan as a building loan during construction.

We are hopeful that the building permit will be issued next week. We've been told "mid-March."

February Updates

Last week there was no heat during the week as asbestos was removed from the area around the boiler. This was done while Little Pilgrim School was on their mid-winter break.

The permitting process has ground to a halt. While we were originally told the permit would be issued in January, there is now no estimate when the process will be complete. The city has eliminated five of their seven mechanical design reviewers, for example, so we have no idea when actual construction will start.

The biggest change last week was the removal of the stairway between the entryway to the church and Y offices and the 4th floor education wing. When you stand on the 4th floor you can see the large orange "X" where the elevator will evenually go. In the new reconfiguration a stairway will take up part of the lounge area and to to the 4th floor.

The building permit has been delayed once again. This will move our targe finish date to the end of June.

Mark Harmon, Stonehenge Aroborist, contributed a load of wood chips to protect the tender roots of our remaining cedar tree by the entrance to the sanctuary. If you know him, please than him.

The church and the Y office managers are working on choosing a new, common phone system

January Update

Did you know that once upon a time, there was a door from the “library” to the women’s bathroom? And there was another door from the Heritage Room to the Board Room? Ever notice those wooden doors high on the wall in the sanctuary - they went to the wall behind the bookcase in David’s office. As the demolition begins, we’re discovering old passageways and how the building was originally designed to work. David’s office was the room for parents and babies to see and hear the worship service through those wooden doors. And the rooms off the narthex were the original church offices—and no bride’s room. The bride evidently used the room (what we have used as the Library) next to the women’s bathroom. Stay tuned for more discoveries.

The packet of information for the remodeling project building permit has been filed with the city of Seattle. We should know in about week when that process will be completed.

The replacement of the boiler has been delayed. Currently we will not lose our main heat source until late March. The time without central heat will be much shorter, about 2 weeks. In the interim there will be space heaters.

This week the cleaners have been working on the ceilings and the pipe organ to finish the cleaning the sanctuary following the fire. The organ tuners will return next week (the week of January 17th) to finish cleaning the pipes of the organ and also tune it.

The work on the demolition continues in the lobby to the church office/Y. The architect is working with Merit, the subcontractor of the heating system to present the last of the materials needed for the city building permits. Howard S. Wright and the architect are reviewing where the elevator is located so that specifications can be made.

Our attorney from C & L Gates is reviewing our loan materials and reformatting them to fit the requirements of our state.

Remodeling Begins!

Demolition and construction will begin on Monday, December 28. As with any remodeling project, the schedule is subject to change as the walls are opened and new challenges are discovered by the builders.

The church and staff offices are all emptied and have been relocated to the fourth floor of the education wing.

Note that there will be heat throughout the project. The boiler will be replaced with a smaller, much more efficient and reliable unit. In the interim when the new boiler is being installed we will have electric heaters in the sanctuary. The boiler work will be done while Little Pilgrim School has its winter break.

On the fundraising front, we have applied for a construction loan with the UCC financial services. The construction loan will be converted to a fixed rate mortgage when the project is completed. In the meantime, any donations in the next few months will reduce the size of the mortgage we'll have to carry.

Be prepared for disruptions in our normal traffic patterns. The temporary inconveniences will be more than worth it when the project is completed. We will have a larger, more open Narthex as you enter the front doors, including an outdoor patio; we will have a more convenient entry to the YMCA and Fellowship Hall; and we will have an elevator! We will also have a fire sprinkler system and other major improvements to the invisible but critical infrastructure of our church.

2009 Annual Meeting Update

At the June 14 Annual Meeting the Congregation voted to go ahead with the entire remodeling plan. The next step will be for the architects to complete the design and then get the required permits from the city of Seattle. The permit process can take some time, at least two months. The plans should be submitted to the city by mid-July and then we'll have a better idea how long it will take to get final approval.

In the meantime we will secure funding for the remainder of the project. At the present time we estimate the total cost of the project will be $2.7 million, and that we'll need to borrow approximately $800,000. The amount increased because we found we need to make repairs to the infrastructure (leaking foundation, electrical and heating systems) and the city will require us to install a fire sprinkler system.

We will be applying to the Cornerstone Foundation, the lending agency for churches in the United Church of Christ, for the loan. We will continue asking our contributors to extend their pledges or make one-time gifts to reduce the amount of the loan. We should know the size of the loan by October 1st.

See this summary of the Annual Meeting for more details.

Something to celebrate!

Sunday, November 18th was Celebration Sunday and there was a lot to celebrate! The day marked the conclusion of the opening phase of our fund drive for the first significant remodeling of the church in 50 years. At the conclusion of the service, a line up "children of the campaign" lifted up the numbers that read, $1,738,928.94!

Nov 18, 2007 Campaing Results

The applause was explosive! By the end of the day the pledges rose to over $1,753,000.

The pledges exceed the primary goal of the campaign which was $1.75 million. The cost of the project will be over $2.5. While nothing is certain, we are confident the remainder can be secured. First of all, not all of us have pledged. We are certain that others in the congregation will join the effort.

Second, Joel Groen will be heading the group that work with the YMCA to involve them in the project. Already our branch has applied for an annual capital fund for a three year grant. We hope members of this Y will want to contribute to our common projects, like the elevator.

Third we have a group, led by Peg Jones which is inviting folks who have had significant involvement in the Fauntleroy Church and community in the past to join us for our 100th anniversary and to contribute to the capital fund campaign. Fourth, gifts to the campaign will continue for three years, and we trust that new members joining us along the way will want to give in this way.

Pat Gedney will continue to record pledges and gifts to the campaign. If you or someone you know would like to make a pledge, you can call the church office, receive a pledge card and mail it to Pat care of the church.

Thanks to the Campaign Leadership Team

Last week’s congregator carried the list of folks who have been the leaders of this capital campaign. They were also thanked as part of work on the 18th. A special thanks to Larry Pierce and Julie Zoellner who were the co-administrators. They brought different gifts to the table and exercised them throughout this campaign that began for them last April. They were the ones who recruited the leadership team, worked with Bea Stoner our consultant to oversee the effort and kept the group going through the bumps in the road that inevitably happen.

Celesta Bjornson who headed up the host/special events Task Force wants to especially thank Marilyn Whittendale for her leadership as well. Marilyn in turn was helped by the Fellowship Committee. Bonnie Beerman wants to thank Janet Bakke for being the liaison to the Leadership Team, as well as her work on the administration committee.

Carl and Linda Johnson who will be moving to Kansas in December want to thank all of the folks who made the visits and gave out the pledge cards prior to our celebration. In all over 100 people participated in the campaign work in one way or another.