Worship at Fauntleroy

Worshiping regularly and marking life's milestones as a gathered community shape our Ministry of Celebration. In Spirit-filled praise and thanksgiving, we draw strength from Scripture as it speaks to our day and from the wisdom of fellow seekers.

Whether consecrating new life, honoring a life past, celebrating covenantal relationships, or simply refueling for another week, we try to value a diversity of experiences and views and keep uppermost the assurance that God has yet more light and truth to break forth.

We think promises and relationships are important. And so when two persons get married, or make a "covenant" with one another, we help them plan a celebration that is both dignified and joyous. Persons do not need to be members of Fauntleroy Church to have their commitments honored here. See the marriage ministry area of our site for details.

Our congregation celebrates life!

Every Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M. we worship the God who creates life. To help instill the value and rhythm of worship, children begin their morning with adults in the sanctuary. After the call to worship, the invocation, and an opening hymn, children come forward for story time, which is usually led by our Christian Educator. Her story focuses youngsters on the lesson of the day, laying the groundwork of our faith tradition in a lively and inviting way. Then children go to their classes.

The worship experience usually includes music by our Chancel Choir under the direction of our Music Director.

The day's meditation (sermon) draws our attention to a particular passage from the Bible. The lectionary used by the United Church of Christ offers clergy a choice of scripture lessons. We coordinate so that adults in worship and children in their church-school classes focus on the same passage.

"Prayers of the People" is the most personal element of our worship. It is an opportunity to lift up specific persons in need of God's healing power, to celebrate good news, and to draw our collective attention to concerns for the world around us. The offering provides a way to return a portion of our bounty to further God's mission in our church and aid those in need in the wider community.

The morning service is followed by coffee hour in Fellowship Hall - a time to greet one another and meet new folks. It's also often a time to circulate a petition, sign Amnesty International letters, or pick up a brochure about an issue or social concern.

Updated: 6/6/2008: D. Kratz: B. Ackers