Green Committee

The Green Committee is committed to exploring ways to better care for God's creation. We emphasize helping the church and its members conserve energy, reduce toxic waste, support sustainable agriculture, and address global warming.


  • We serve organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee for all church uses. Members and staff enjoy excellent coffee while helping to reduce pesticide use, preserve migratory bird habitat, and provide a fair price to the coffee farmers. As a way to subsidize this program, we sell bags of this same high-quality coffee after worship two times per month.
  • The Green Committee periodically displays earth-friendly products and offers educational materials after worship in Fellowship Hall.
  • Receptacles are provided for cell phone recycling.
  • We are converting all exit signs to energy efficient LED lights.


  • We have supported sustainable agriculture by arranging for a local farmer to deliver fresh produce to our church each Sunday during the growing season for the past three years as part of a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program.
  • A "Care More, Car Less" Sunday drew 104 participants who changed the way they traveled to church that day. Many carpooled, walked, bussed, biked, and even scootered to our worship service. Collectively, we were able to reduce Co2 emissions into the atmosphere by 137 pounds that day.
  • As part of a "National Day of Climate Action," we organized church participation in a local march and rally in downtown Seattle.

Green Ideas Newsletter

Global Peace and Justice Task Force

Mission: Shining the light of the Gospel on issues of global peace and justice.

As part of Fauntleroy's Outreach Ministry, the Global Peace and Justice Task Force meets monthly to learn about peace and justice issues around the world and here at home. We support Amnesty International and invite members to sign freedom letters the fourth Sunday of each month. The committee is active in the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. In addition, work is done on issues of peace and justice locally as well as on international concerns.

We welcome anyone who would like to serve on this task force.

White Center Food Bank

Fauntleroy Church has a long history of involvement with the White Center Food Bank. Members have served on its Board, distributed food to clients, conducted food drives, and provided financial support through the Outreach Ministry.

Please visit the White Center Food Bank website for more information:

The Food Bank is located at: 10829 8th Ave. SW Seattle, Washington 98146 (206) 762-2848

Oaxaca Mission

Our relationship with the people of this village in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico started in 2006 when 30 Fauntleroy folks traveled to San Jose Contreras to build a church, renovate or build residences for teachers, and begin an overhaul of the water system. Our relationship has continued with a group of us traveling to San Juan every summer.