Sunday School

Sunday Christian Education is available to children from preschool through high school and is taught by volunteer teachers. We have designed our program so that a child growing up in the church will know the love of God, become familiar with the stories of the Bible, and know the importance of faith in their lives. All children and youth begin Sunday morning in 10 a.m. worship and go up to their classes after the Children's Story.

Preschool & Kindergarden

"Seasons of the Spirit" is a lectionary-based, ecumenical curriculum that helps children understand and interpret Bible stories at their age level and in their own words. Lessons include art, music, drama, and movement activities. Our teachers create a fun and safe environment where even the more tentative children easily become comfortable.


The "Potter's Publishing" curriculum focuses on a theme or story from the Bible for five to six weeks at a time. The curriculum follows the seasons of the church year and helps children to better understand the stories of the Bible. This rotation model uses drama, dance, science, games, Bible study, etc. Our elementary teachers are engaging and fun, creating a rich learning environment for our older children.

Middle School

The "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum, a lectionary based, ecumenical curriculum, helps youth make connections between the scriptures and their lives. The youth do group-building, weekly ritual, discussion, and activities. Our teachers are seasoned, dedicated to our younger youth, and do a great job of fostering this community of young people.

High School

Our team of volunteer teachers uses a variety of approaches to engage the youth, including comparative religions, films (on our big-screen TV), youth-led discussions, and conversations with older church members about journeys of faith. The youth are invited into leadership, self-expression, questioning, ownership of their faith, and moving into action. Our teachers are excellent role models and mentors for our older youth, and are committed to walking with them on their journeys of faith.

Please contact our Christian Educator, or e-mail for more information about the church school program.