Rev. Eric S. Dale

Greetings one and all! As we say each week here at Fauntleroy Church, “Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Let me introduce myself. Here are a few opportunities to give you a glimpse into different aspects of my ministry and interests .

For a look at our Sunday morning celebration including my sermon, follow the links below for videos:

Follow these links to audio recordings of three of my sermons:

For a look at some of my panoramic photography of the Nevada “Outback”, click here.

My interests are many and varied including such things as hiking and walking, exploring the surrounding areas (rural or urban), photography, writing, movies, books and reading, music (all kinds), dancing, travel, beach combing, meditation, car shows, rodeos, history, cultural geography, theater, ogs, the quality of light just before sunset and just before dawn. I'm always open to a good discussion, preferably around a good meal.

I give thanks for our time together here at Fauntleroy Church -- it is rich and full of blessings. Fauntleroy Church is a vibrant, welcoming congregation … witnessed by new people (23 so far) continuing to seek membership among you; witnessed by nine baptisms since I’ve been here; witnessed by 12 young people confirmed on Pentecost; by 60+ people of all ages participating on the CROP Hunger Walk; by the often overflowing number of children crowding into the front of the sanctuary for children’s time (39 last week); by Recycle collections for the community; work with and for the homeless; any much more!

This past year and half has been a time of transition as you have moved from the retirement of a long-tenured pastor to, well, the unknown, that pregnant time and place of being open and receptive to God’s call. I applaud you all for your willingness to take that leap into the unknown, for trusting me and working together to discover what God has in store for you; for simply moving ahead day by day, week by week, continuing your active and meaningful commitment to each other and your community. I enjoy being in ministry together with you here at Fauntleroy.

A little more about me -- I received my theological training at Pacific School of Religion and The Jesuit School of Theology, both part of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. My undergraduate degree is in photography and communications and I did additional graduate work in sociology during a sabbatical year in England. I am the author of a book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: A Practical Spirituality of Work. Some of the highlights of my ministry have included leading two mission teams to Chile, leading student summer abroad groups to Denmark and the former USSR, leading a Peace Pilgrimage to the former USSR, and participating on mission and educational trips to Cuba and Central America.

My wife, the Rev. Monique-Cheri Pierre, is also a minister. She is currently serving the Forestville United Methodist Church in Sonoma County in northern California. We both grew up in San Francisco and even though we went to the same high school, we didn't know each other until after college (it was a big high school). We have three dogs, love movies, and the outdoors.

Although new to Seattle itself, the Pacific Northwest has been "home" for a long time. My father was the campus minister at Western Washington State College in Bellingham a long time ago, when I was in kindergarten and first grade. My folks bought a small place just out of town and every summer while growing up in The City my family would spend the summer at our "Cabin" in the woods out on Chuckanut. My parents retired and lived in Bellingham for the last 23 years. My father passed away this last March (it was a huge blessing for me to be here during his declining health!) and my mother is still in Bellingham. My wife and I spend a couple weeks' vacation up here every summer -- we love it!

Yours, trusting in the Holy Spirit to continuously surprise us beyond our wildest expectations,

Pastor Eric

P.S. I’d love to connect with you . . . give me a holler.