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Lorrie Cook

Little Pilgrim School Director

Lorri began working at Little Pilgrim School in 1989 and was a classroom teacher for 18 years. She now serves as Director of the program.

Her education has been through South Seattle, Green River and Renton Tech Community Colleges, Eastern Washington University, Evergreen State College, Child Care Resources, White Center Early Learning Initiative (WCELI) and the Puget Sound, Washington and National Associations for the Education of Young Children (PSAEYC, WAEYC, NAEYC). She continues to attend workshops, courses, and seminars and considers herself a lifelong learner.

She and her husband, Jerry, have three grown daughters and four wonderful grandchildren (all LPS alumni). She currently volunteers with several organizations, including West Seattle Hi-Yu, WCELI, Hope Lutheran Church/School, and Seattle Lutheran High School.

She enjoys camping, gardening, long walks, visits to the dog park, reading, traveling, movies and theater, game nights with family and friends and, of course, children!