Worship Teams

Here are a few of the ways you can participate in our Sunday worship services. Please contact the Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator if you would like to join one of our worship teams.


Ushers assist the congregation and guests with Sunday worship services. Before the service, ushers help prepare the sanctuary by positioning stored items in seasonally appropriate ways. These include candles, paraments, pew welcome pads, special offering envelopes, microphones, hearing assistance devices, and any unique items for that service's configuration. Before the service, ushers greet people, distribute bulletins and other materials, and assist those who need help getting to a seat. During the service, the ushers will collect the offering and assist those needing to enter or exit the sanctuary. After the service, the ushers stow items brought out for the service and "straighten up" by clearing anything left in the sanctuary. Ushers work in teams that rotate throughout the year, typically serving around eight times per year.

Sunday Golf Cart Drivers

Not for golfing, for people! Because all are welcome, and some people aren't as mobile as others, we provide a shuttle service for those who would prefer not to walk the distance or up the hill between the parking area and the main narthex door. The golf cart drivers arrive well before the service, retrieve the cart from the storage shed, and offer physical assistance and rides to those who request help. After the service, when all have been helped to their cars, the cart is returned to the shed and the charger is plugged in. Golf cart drivers are on a rotating schedule throughout the year, typically serving around two to eight times per year – no clubs required!


Do you have a clear voice and like to speak in front of large groups? Become a church liturgist! During Sunday worship, under the direction of a pastor, you will read scripture, announce hymns, and lead prayer. The liturgist helps the pastor keep the service flowing by guiding the congregation through different parts of the service. The commitment is only twice per year.

Recorded Worship Services

Did you miss last Sunday's worship service and now wish you could hear it? You are in luck. Audio recordings are made of Sunday worship services each week. A copy of the entire service is burned to disc, and the sermon is posted to the church website for downloading and listening. The recordings are made using a computer connected to the church sound system. You may be the right person to assist with this weekly task if you are comfortable with a personal computer. On your assigned Sundays, you would need to arrive ten minutes before the service begins and stay up to 20 minutes following the service.

Narthex Flowers

The congregation is welcomed to church Sunday mornings by greeters and flowers in the narthex. Whether purchased or clipped from the plants in your yard, you can provide the flowers that brighten the space. The frequency with which you offer flowers is completely up to you. Choose a special day to remember, like an anniversary or birthday, or when your flowers are in full bloom.

Communion Ushers

Communion is typically served at Fauntleroy Church on the first Sunday of each month. It is also offered during special services throughout the year. Whether served in the pews or at the front of the sanctuary, everyone is welcome to take communion. When served in the pews, the communion attendants pass the bread on plates and cups of juice in trays, which are heavy and slightly awkward. When served in the front of the sanctuary, the communion attendants hold a loaf of bread or a chalice of juice. Individuals tear a piece of bread from the loaf and dip it into the juice. Servers may be asked to offer a blessing to each person, such as "the body of Christ, broken for you."

Communion is served by rotating teams of congregation members. Each team serves two to three times a year. If you feel called to serve communion and reflect the contemplative dignity of communion and enhance the experience for all, join a team!


Beginning about 20 minutes before Sunday morning worship, greeters position themselves at the main church doors. As people come in, the greeters welcome them with a smile and handshake, using the same warmth to greet new worshippers as they do with their friends. Greeters invite new worshippers to fill out and wear name tags, and then guide them to the sanctuary and other parts of the church, such as the coat rack, restrooms, the nursery, and church school classrooms. When the service begins, greeters take their seats within the sanctuary. If you would like the opportunity to welcome worshippers, known and new, on Sunday mornings, become a greeter. The commitment is two to three times per year.


We have a very lively and active congregation. Announcements about the activities of the church are found in the Sunday worship bulletins, weekly newsletters, e-mails, and on the church website. It is important that these announcements are also shared verbally with the congregation during Sunday worship. Each week, one person is asked to prioritize and summarize the announcements found in the Sunday bulletin. They may also be asked to mention schedule changes, or items not included in the bulletin. The announcements are kept short in order to minimize the interruption to the flow and spirit of worship. If you like to speak in public and want to help keep our congregation informed about what's going on, sign up to share announcements on Sunday.