Fauntleroy Church Weddings: Meet the Staff

Our wedding coordinator, Rosina Geary, takes care of the details so that you can relax and give your attention to the important things, such as your lifelong commitment! And the gathering of families. And the celebration of life. Rosina is your first and main point of contact. She will help you schedule a time for your wedding, and will explain the process for your wedding at Fauntleroy Church.

Our senior pastor, Leah Bilinski, is prepared to meet with you about the kind of service that would be most meaningful to you. If you have a pastor who is member of your family or a close friend, we can make arrangements for him or her to help preside at your service.

Bronwyn Edwards is our music director. She is a skilled musician with an eclectic repertoire. She will help you select music that will make your wedding ceremony come to life.