Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a church member to have your wedding at Fauntleroy Church? No.

How many people can the sanctuary hold for the service? Approximately 300 people.

Can we have a reception at the church? Yes. Fellowship Hall, adjacent to the sanctuary, can accommodate around 200 guests.  Our wedding coordinator provides help in arranging the details.  We provideuse of our kitchen (4 warming ovens, commercial refrigerator), tables, chairs, tablecloths, dishes, glassware, sound system, projector, dance floor and more. Also included are the services of our kitchen servers, dishwasher and custodian. You (or a caterer of your choice) provide the foodand decorations. 

Do we need to have a premarital counseling? We request that you do have premarital counseling. If you choose our pastor, her guidance is included in the cost of the service. If you choose another way of preparation, please let us know.