Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a church member to have your wedding at Fauntleroy Church?


 How much does it cost to have my wedding at Fauntleroy Church, and what is included?

The focal point of our Santuary is the floor-to-ceiling window looking into a beautiful forested hillside – make this the backdrop to your wedding!

  • Rental Fee is $1700

  • Our Sanctuary can seat 250 guests.

  • Rental of our Sanctuary includes the following:

    • Use of our Sanctuary, bride’s room, groom’s room, Narthex (church lobby) and outdoor courtyard.

    • Parking for 75 cars

    • Staff:

      • Pastor who will conduct Premarital sessions and help you create a ceremony specific to you.

      • Wedding Coordinator will help you plan the details, lead your rehearsal, and manage details on the “day of.”

      • Professional Pianist will help you choose music that is meaningful to you. From traditional wedding music to the latest songs that speak to you.

    • 2 Altar Candles; 2 floor candelabras (7 candles each)

Can we have a reception at the church? 

Yes! Our reception hall is just upstairs from the Sanctuary.

  • Rental Fee is $950 for 6 hours. Additional hours can be added for an additional fee, and dependent on availability of space and staff.

  • Our reception hall can seat 120 guests in addition to your wedding party.

  • Our Wedding Coordinator helps you plan the details.

  • Rental of our reception hall includes the following:

    • tables & chairs

    • ivory tablecloths

    • dishes, flatware, glassware, wine glasses

    • coffee service

    • caterer’s kitchen (4 warming ovens, commercial refrigerator)

    • surround sound system (for your DJ, band or smart phone playlist)

    • projector & screen

    • dance floor

    • Staff: Reception Lead, dishwashing staff and custodian.

  • Will you have more than 120 guests? We are happy to connect you with reception options within minutes of our Sanctuary.

Do we need to have premarital counseling? 

We request that you do have premarital counseling. If you choose our pastor, her guidance is included in the cost of the service. If you choose another way of preparation, please let us know.

Can we use our own officiant? 

If you have a pastor who is member of your family or a close friend, we can make arrangements for him or her to help preside at your service. For more information about bringing a guest officiant to Fauntleroy Church, please read this [Link to “Officiating Weddings at Fauntleroy Church: A Note from our Senior Pastor”]

Can you recommend additional services for our wedding? 


  • Videographer: Kimball Ring,

  • For recommendations for florist, bakery, photographer, caterer, and an AirBnB just minutes from our Sanctuary, please ask our Wedding Coordinator for a list after you make your wedding reservation. 

Can I see more photos and a video of Fauntleroy Church?

Yes! Take a look at this recent video of a wedding and reception at Fauntleroy Church. Check out our gallery of photos.

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