Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry of Fauntleroy Church is charged with "providing creative learning experiences as we explore and deepen our relationship with God."

Learning opportunities are available for all age groups in a variety of settings and on numerous topics that encourage individuals to examine ways to live their faith out loud in God’s world.

Sunday School is available for preschool through high school, along with a variety of adult learning and study experiences.

Please contact our Director of Christian Education, or e-mail for more information about our Christian Education programs.

Facilities Ministry

The Facilities Ministry’s primary focus is caring for our building. This entails creation of maintenance and upgrade requirements for the church building, grounds, equipment, and parsonage. Operating budget for the church building, grounds, and parsonage are developed and maintained by this ministry. The ministry consists of six to 10 members who serve two-year terms. Committee meetings are held monthly from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the second Monday. The chairperson is elected by the congregation and a Council liaison is appointed by the Church Council. The remaining members are volunteers, but not elected.

The ministry plans and oversees fall and spring grounds cleanup events in addition to specific needs throughout the year. Members have great opportunities to participate as project managers for repair and upgrades to our facilities. If hands-on participation is something of interest to you, this is the ministry you want to experience.


The Finance Ministry manages the financial life of the church, including operating budgets, capital funds, and investmets. The Ministry directs formulation of the budget and oversees how funds are spent. It coordinates with the other church Ministries and groups on financial matters.

Budget Process

As part of our covenant, the congregation of Fauntleroy Church is responsible for its own financial life.

Every year, typically in February, we begin to think about what we would like to do during the next year and what it might cost. This thinking and planning takes place within Ministries, on the Church Council, and in subgroups of each of them. By April, we develop a preliminary budget, based on needs and our best guesses of what people will pledge.

After the stewardship campaign, the Finance Ministry draws up a proposed budget and presents it first to the Church Council and then the congregation at its annual meeting in June.

The church's annual budget is usually about $500,000. Of that, a bit more than $50,000 goes toward Ministries of the United Church of Christ, and local ecumenical and service agencies beyond our walls. More than 62 percent of our income is pledges and donations from members and friends. About 14 percent comes from building-use fees, including the YMCA (see link), which shares our building, and Little Pilgrim School, which pays a small fee as well. About 7 percent comes from endowments.

The Endowment Program of Fauntleroy Church

An endowment is a fund to which people contribute special gifts, bequests, and memorials. The funds are invested, and the interest and growth are used to support the life and mission of the church. The gifts of members and friends continue to give through these endowments long after they may have died.

The endowment program is managed by the Finance Ministry through an Investment Committee. For more information about the endowment program, the different endowments and/or how you can participate, contact our Treasurer.

Parish Life

Oversees programs that enhance our community life. Develops ongoing social groups such as Sisters, Mid-day Fellowship, Crockpots, and Sojourners. Organizes intergenerational activities such as ice cream socials, all-church reads, and barbecues. Develops welcoming-related programs. Assists with other social events. Two major subcommittees: the Fellowship Committee, a hands-on group that serves weekly coffee hour and sets up for potlucks and special events; and the Caring Ministry keeps us in touch and helping one another in times of crisis.

Service & Outreach

Fauntleroy Church members and the Service & Outreach Ministry are deeply committed to serving our community. We believe in contributing our time, talent, and financial resources toward making the world a more safe, just, and peaceful place. Our outreach to the wider world is comprised of several initiatives:

  • Global Peace and Justice Task Force: We work to achieve a more equitable and peaceful world. We seek to generate awareness, promote advocacy, and support missionary efforts.
  • Green Committee: We seek to educate our congregation on the relationship between the environment and Christian education, promote sustainable practices within the congregation, and advocate for environmental justice issues.
  • Homelessness Task Force: We generate awareness and engage the congregation in support of low-income and homeless people.
  • CROP Hunger Walk: We promote and participate in this annual event raising awareness about hunger and raising funds for hunger relief and clean-water projects.
  • Alternative Giving Fair: We provide opportunities for people to give gifts to nonprofit organizations in the name of others, reflecting the true nature of the Advent season and making an impact in the world.
  • Mission Trips: We help support the community of San Jose Contreras in Oaxaca, Mexico through visits and outreach.