Our Covenant with God and Each Other

Trusting in Christ's love for us in this place and time; building on the legacy of previous generations; mindful of our needs and of those we seek to help; respectful of our differences in an inclusive, caring community; seeing peace and justice as the work of the people of God; believing that worship, service, and learning are life-giving; we yearn for God's grace. We draw strength from God's presence. We dare to commit ourselves to the challenges of following Christ.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to follow Jesus Christ by worshipping and learning together, caring for ourselves and others, and working to preserve justice, peace, and the sanctity of God's world.


  1. Provide creative learning experiences as we explore and deepen our relationship with God.
  2. Worship God together, employing our senses, our minds, and our hearts.
  3. Understand what it means to be part of God's creation and develop ways we can model responsible stewardship of it.
  4. Create a culture of service so that we can compassionately respond to human need inside and outside our church.
  5. Nurture body, mind, and spirit.
  6. Challenged by the legacy of our faith, confront issues of social justice.
  7. Increase participation in this open, caring community that respects each person's dignity and evokes the gifts in one and all.

Our Open & Affirming Statement

WHEREAS, Fauntleroy Church is a covenantal community of faith, where all people are recognized as being made in God's image, reconciled by Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are committed to seeking God's will in creating a supportive Christian community, providing an environment of love, trust, openness and joy, enabling us to explore and strengthen our personal faith and to express this faith in the wider community.

We recognize the diversity of families and the ways God calls us into relationships.

Our understanding of the nature of God's love, revealed in Jesus' ministry and his commission to his disciples, challenges us to reach out and accept all people unconditionally.

Our understanding of God's justice, proclaimed by prophets and embodied in Jesus, challenges Fauntleroy Church to join with all people, including gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons, in their struggle against violence, prejudice and discrimination. Fauntleroy Church seeks to nurture and support the commitments they make.

THEREFORE, Fauntleroy Church, United Church of Christ, intentionally welcomes and affirms all persons, regardless of race, origin, or sexual orientation, as we seek to fulfill Christ's commission to live as the family of God.